Zhu-niverse Tour – now through October

My daughter doesn’t ask for specific toys too often, but one toy that she has mentioned just about every week since January is the Zhu Zhu pet.

I was able to get some of the 2009 Zhu Zhu Pets at Kroger on clearance for $4 each a few months ago and since then she’s been asking for all the accessories. Last week, while at Walgreens, I found a Zhu Zhu Pet accessory for 50% off, which is great timing since my daughter’s birthday is later this month!

The Zhu Zhu Pet company is launching a new group of pets including Kung Zhu pets, so I expect to see more of the 2009 pets and accessories on clearance in the coming months to make room for all the new items.

I attended a Twitter party on Thursday where several participants mentioned that the Zhu-niverse Tour had stopped in their cities. They said they had a lot of fun, so I checked to see if they would be coming to Dallas/Fort Worth. They are! They will be stopping in Grapevine, Texas for GrapeFest September 17-19. For other U.S. tour stops, check out the Zhu-niverse Tour site.

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