Target Wii Game Deal

I will post a photo later, but I stopped by Target on the way to work this morning to take advantage of a Target deal I saw Alyssa mention yesterday on Twitter. She posted details here. Also check out The Frugal Find who originally posted this information.

You will need access to two computers to print three Target coupons for $10/2 Wii Games. Use the three coupons with the “Buy two Wii games, get one free promotion” at Target this week.

Buy a total of six games, but make sure they are all approximately the same price because they’ll deduct the two cheapest games. There are several games at $14.99, but it made more sense for me to get the $19.99 games.

Here’s what I bought for less than $60 (including tax):

Disney Sing It with Microphone ($24.98 – 50% off, found in clearance area)
Six Flags Fun Park ($19.99) – comes with a free Kids’ Admission to Six Flags good through 12/31/09 which is going to come in handy with the Six Flags tickets I won at a raffle)
GT Pro Series (car racing game) with steering wheel ($19.99)
Sonic and the Secret Rings ($19.99)
Cruise Ship Vacation Games ($19.99)
Wii Fit Plus ($19.99)

I will revise this post later to include more details and the photo, but since I’m changing my email delivery to send out the Swagbucks alert at 3PM, I wanted to include this info too for email subscribers.

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