Kroger Super Doubles Update

I started realizing that there is no way I will have enough time to get an overall list together and get my personal list and coupons together by Saturday, so I’m going to focus on gathering my coupons.

Everything that I have found that wasn’t already on the Hot Coupon World (HCW) spreadsheet is there now. I posted a few items I found and Stephanie (the forum moderator) has already added them. She’s really on top of things! I’ll continue to post messages
on the thread if I find anything else.

A BIG thank you goes to Stephanie and the other contributors at HCW because this is a huge task to undertake. It took me several hours just to this week’s Kroger match-ups along with the list I posted at HCW, so I can only imagine how much time and effort they’ve put into that spreadsheet.

Be sure to save a copy of the file to your desktop and then either highlight the items you want to buy or delete the ones you don’t want to buy.

And please remember to:
– check your prices, as they occasionally vary from store to store prices may vary
– double check your coupons (some may state ‘do not double/triple’ or may be different values from what is listed in the spreadsheet)
– check with your store about their policies. I’ve read that not all stores are following the same “rules” for this promotion.
– have fun! I have read it will be chaotic on Saturday and many people are starting at midnight.

One Response to “Kroger Super Doubles Update”

  1. August 14th, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Liz says:

    I just called my Mansfield Kroger and was told they were starting at 12:30am.

    # 1

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