Target Clearance – 75% off Toys

UPDATE: I visited six Dallas-area stores today trying to find two particular toys. Here is a run-down of supply at the stores:

Addison (Montfort location):
Visited at 10AM. Best selection. People started arriving while I was there, so it could be picked over by Friday.

Plano (Park):
Visited at 11:00AM. 2nd best selection, but still a lot marked at 50% off.

Plano (Coit):
Visited at 11:45AM. Pretty picked over on the 75% off, but most stuff still 50%

Downtown (Haskell or Lemmon – can’t recall street):
Visited at 3:15PM. Very limited amount of toys at 75%. Picked over.

North Dallas (Medallion):
Visited at 4:00PM. Several items still available, but pretty picked over.

North Dallas (Skillman/Abrams Super Target):
Visited at 4:30PM. Almost completely picked over. Lots of empty shelves. 75% off clearance probably started on Wednesday at this store.

Word got out pretty quickly about the clearance. If you missed finding items this round, be sure to keep an eye out for the January sale. Target seems to do these clearances in January and July. You might also check back at your local Target(s) a few times over the next couple of weeks. I think people fill up their shopping carts to get the best deals, and then get home and realize they don’t need all that stuff so it ends up back on the shelves.


I stopped by Toys R Us (Walnut Hill/Central location in Dallas only) and Target this morning on the way to work.

Toys R Us has their store closing sale at 40-60% off now (some items are marked down more if they were already on clearance). The store hadn’t opened yet so I decided not to wait ten minutes to see what they had left. Instead I headed to Target to see if they had marked toys to 75% off yet.

I’m glad I did! I got a cart full of toys for under $100…. Polly Pocket stuff, a Bratz plain white car (hopefully will fit other dolls), Barbie stuff, Leapfrog Tag books, science experiments, remote controlled Air Hog cars, board games, stuffed animals, some other boy stuff and the tethered paddle tennis game that I bought a day before at 50% off. They only had one left, so I was glad I got to the store when I did. Toys R Us had the same toy “on clearance” for $21.99 and I got it for $7.50. Pays to be patient!

I went to two other Target stores and found that they were still marking down items so not as much was marked at 75% off yet. If you see price tags at 50% still, be sure to scan the item because I found one item that was actually at 75% off, but hadn’t been marked down yet.

This is a great time to stock up on kids’ birthday gifts or items for donating during the holidays if you have toy drives at work or school.

Be sure to swing by the outdoor clearance area too. There were several items marked at 90% off (at a few of the stores I visited, but not all).

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