Earth Day Freebies

There are several Earth Day-related freebies starting on April 19:


Target Re-usable Tote Bags
Target is rumored to be giving out reusable tote bags on Sunday, according to SlickDeals. I also saw something about $2.00 coupons for GE bulbs, but I haven’t see anything from Target confirming this so it may be regional or a store-specific thing. If you’re at Target on Sunday, you might ask.

Home Depot – Earth Day 1 Million CFL Light Bulb & a Faucet Aerator Insert Giveaways
Stop by a participating Home Depot store on Sunday to get a free EcoSmart 14w CFL bulb, as well as a faucet aerator insert. Quantities are limited and may vary by store. Limit one per customer. I saw a table set up at the front of my Home Depot when I was there yesterday with the bulbs on display, so I’m guessing someone will be stationed there on Sunday.


Free ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry’s
Stop by Ben & Jerry’s on April 21 and get a free scoop of ice cream.


Disney Store – Re-usable Water Bottle
Stop by a Disney Store on April 22 with three empty plastic water bottles, and they’ll give you a free re-usable water bottle (while supplies last).

Free Reynolds Wrap Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum
Starting at 4:22 AM Eastern time, you can register to get a mail-in rebate (worth up to $3.99). Quantities are limited and these will likely go quickly.

Did you get your free Kroger re-usable tote and free Earthbound Farm re-usable tote?

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