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Whole Foods Market – Grass-fed ground beef sale on Friday & other deals

I received an email from Whole Foods Market in Dallas today that ground grass-fed beef will be on sale Friday (September 3) only for $3.99/lb. It’s usually $6.99/lb, so this is a great deal!

Other items on sale at Whole Foods through next week:

- organic peaches — $1.99/lb.
- organic seedless green, red and black grapes — $1.99/lb
- whole, raw almonds in the bulk bin — $3.99/lb (50% off).

Whole Foods Market Daily Deals starting 8/16 (Richardson Store only)

If you live near Richardson, Texas, be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming daily deals at the Whole Foods Market located at Coit and Beltline. They are “while supplies last” and only available at the Richardson location.

Here are the deals:

Monday, August 16
365 Everyday Value Organic Green Tea (80 bags)
2 for $5 (regularly $4.99 each)

Tuesday, August 17
Costa Rica Conventional Earth University Bananas
4 lb. for $1 (regularly $0.69/lb)

Wednesday, August 18
Blueberry Muffins (6 pack)
$1.99 each (regularly $4.99)

Thursday, August 19
Whole Foods Vitamin D 400IU (100 sgels)
$1.99 each (regularly $4.39)

Friday, August 20
Seventh Generation 2X Liquid Laundry (blue eucalyptus & lavender or free & clear 150 fl oz.)
$9.99 each (regularly $17.99)

Saturday, August 21
Whole Chicken Fryers (raised in USA, air chilled)
$0.99/lb (regularly $2.79/lb)

Sunday, August 22
Fresh Prepared Chicken or Vegetable Pot Pies
2 for $5 (regularly $5.49 – $5.99 each)

Monday, August 23
Fresh Tilapia Fillets (responsibly farmed in Ecuador)
$5.99/lb (regularly $9.99)

Tuesday, August 24
Costa Rica Grown Whole Trade Organic Pineapple
$2.99 each (regularly $4.49 each)

Wednesday, August 25
Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies (12 pack, baked in house)
$1.99 each (regularly $3.99)

Thursday, August 26
Whole Foods Fish Oil 1000MG (100 caps)
$4.99 each (regularly $9.99)

Friday, August 27
365 Everyday Value Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 liter)
$4.99 each (regularly $8.99)

Saturday, August 28
85% Lean Ground Beef (raised in USA)
$2.49/lb (regularly $3.99-$4.49/lb.)

Sunday, August 29
House Roasted Basic Rotisserie Chickens
$4.99 each (regularly $7.99 each)

Print the entire calendar of deals (PDF) and put it on your fridge so you don’t forget!

The Richardson store also has some fun, free events this month, including:

Value Tour
August 16 – 2PM

Sign up for a value tour of the store and learn how to shop Whole Foods Market on a budget. We will point out our favorite values, quick and healthy recipes and you get to sample all around the store! RSVP at

Go Local Fair
Saturday, August 21st – Sunday, August 22nd – 12pm to 4pm Free!

Join us in celebrating our local vendors! Stroll through the store and taste the local difference!

Back to School Fair
Saturday, August 21st – 12pm to 4pm

It’s time to go back to school! Join us for great ideas for healthy lunches and dinners.

Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products
Monday, August 23rd – 2:00pm

Wondered about making your own cleaning products? This free class will teach you the science and theory behind making your own cleaning products! Not only are they cheaper, they are gentle on the environment and your body!

There are also several “Cooking with Josephine” classes that cover Middle Eastern cooking this month. They last one hour and are free. Find out more about these and other events at the Whole Foods Market Web site.

Unadvertised price changes at Central Market and Whole Foods

I was happy to see lower prices on two items I buy regularly. I am not sure if they are sale prices or new, lowered prices though.

Central Market
Organic Fuji Apples – $1.49/lb (were $2.49/lb last time I bought them there) – 4-5 of these large apples makes approximately one quart of applesauce, so I go through a lot of the apples!

Whole Foods
18 Medium Grade A Cage-free Eggs (365 brand, vegetarian-fed, no antibiotics) – 2 for $4.00 (were $2.99 each)

Check out some upcoming events at Whole Foods (these are at the Park Lane store in Dallas. Check the Web site for events in your area):

Saturday, July 31st

Summer Saturdays – Peachy Keen
1:00-4:00pm – Free
“Today we celebrate the Perfect Peach! Sweet, juicy and perfect for sooooo many dishes.”

Gluten Free Expo – Back To School
9:00am-1:00pm – Free
“Join Whole Foods Market and the Lone Star Celiac GIG for Part 2 of our Gluten Free Expo Series at Park Lane. Sheri Thompson, Celiac 101 teacher will kick-off the morning with a gluten intolerance Q and A and our guest chef, David Shaw, will follow with a back-to-school cooking demonstration on gluten-free meals. Our expo ends with a guided tour of our Gluten Free products on our grocery aisles.”

Saturday, September 18th

Whole Foods Market Turns 30!
2:00-5:00pm – Free
“Mark your calendars! It’s Whole Foods Market’s 30th Birthday and we’re going to have a party! We’ll have lots of events in the store to say “Thanks” to our guests for 30 years. We’ll have a blast! Stay tuned for more details on the b-i-g day.”

I checked out other Whole Foods store pages for stores in my area, and noticed the Richardson store is having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday at 4PM. Here are the details:

“Please join us during the Ribbon Cutting ceremony by the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. There will be food and drink a plenty to commemorate this special occasion. Door Prizes and giveaways! Don’t miss the fun!”

They are also offering a free “value tour” on August 16:

“Sign up for a value tour of the store and learn how to shop Whole Foods Market on a budget. We will point out our favorite values, quick and healthy recipes and you get to sample all around the store! RSVP at”

Looks interesting! Check out what’s going on at a Whole Foods store near you.

Easy, Healthy Pancakes

One of our favorite items to eat on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) so far are banana pancakes. Initially I could taste the difference between these and “normal” pancakes (think Bisquick), but my taste buds can’t tell now. They are delicious, and so healthy!

To make them, combine:

- 1 large, ripe banana
- 2 eggs (we’re using cage-free, organic eggs whenever possible – Whole Foods sells 18 ct. cage-free medium-sized eggs for $2.99)

Blend the ingredients in a blender. I use a Bella Blender that I got at Kohl’s a few months ago for under $6. I just won the Magic Bullet on a blog giveaway and look forward to trying that product as soon as I receive it. I will post a comparison once I have had a chance to try the Magic Bullet.

Once the eggs and banana are blended, pour the batter into a greased pan or on a griddle. I am using an Eco Pan that I purchased at a HomeGoods Store for less than $15. I LOVE this pan. I use a small amount of unsalted, organic butter and my food does not stick at all. I have lots of “non-stick” pans and none compare to the Eco Pan. The coating is supposed to be a safe ceramic from Germany, though I am not able to find a lot of information about them online.

I try to make small pancakes as they are easier to flip, and it looks like there’s more food on the plate!

I sometimes add SCD yogurt to the batter. This is yogurt I make over 24 hours in my Excalibur Dehydrator – full of fabulous probiotics! And instead of syrup, I use warm, pureed blueberries or peaches as a topping.

For those who are not on a restrictive diet, these pancakes are a great back-up option if you don’t have a mix on-hand.

Price Comparison (DFW): Produce & Some Meat, Dairy & Nuts – week of 7/14/10

Cheap Peaches & Nectarines
If you are looking for cheap US-grown peaches and nectarines, today is the last day to get them for $0.47/lb at Newflower Farmers Market. The store is located at 1800 N. Henderson Avenue, north of downtown Dallas. I purchased several pounds of their peaches a few days ago.

They are not nearly as good as the Texas-grown peaches I purchased at Central Market for $1.50/lb, but they’re fine for making peach sorbet and sauces!

Speaking of Texas-grown peaches, the man who did the Williams-Sonoma technique class last weekend raved about Ham Orchard peaches. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Terrell to check it out. I’ll let you know what we find!

Best Price on Organic Fuji Apples
I am only buying organic apples these days, and the prices usually range from $1.99-2.49/lb. I have found that my apple peeler/corer/slicer consistently works the best with Fuji apples and had been paying $2.49/lb for these apples at Whole Foods and Central Market.

Last week, I found that Super Target sells them for $1.99/lb! Target does not have a huge quantity of these apples, and I only found a few that I felt were still worth buying, but given the amount of apples I buy each week, a $0.50/lb savings is huge!

I use the apples to make applesauce (which we eat as is, and also in recipes) and baked apples. I have also started juicing apples since no commercial apple juices are “legal” on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Have you heard?
Roy’s Natural Market is closing in early August. The store is located at Preston/Royal in Dallas. From now until July 16, visit the store between 2-4PM to wish Roy a happy retirement, get discounts and register to win prizes.

Now on to the produce comparison document for the week of July 14…

Here’s what I am thinking about buying this week:


- Welch’s 100% Grape Juice 64 oz – $1.49 ea (use $1.00/1 printable coupon and must buy 10 participating items in mega sale – I may buy batteries). I printed the coupon last week, so I’m not sure if it is still available.
- Hass Avocados (small) – $0.50 ea

Newflower Farmers Market

- Apricots (US Grown) – $0.88/lb
- Blueberries (US Grown) – $0.88/pint
- Peaches (US Grown – 7/14 only) – $0.47/lb
- Seedless Watermelon – $0.19/lb (they weigh around 10 lbs)
- Celery (Organic) – $0.99 ea
- Chard & Kale (Organic) – $1.50/bunch
- Cashews, unsalted or raw – $4.99/lb
- Yellow Cheddar – $2.99/lb


- Seedless Watermelon – $1.49 ea (if cheaper than Newflower Farmers Market)
- Almonds, unsalted/raw – $4.99/lb

Download the full comparison (PDF format). It covers the DFW-area following stores:

Central Market
Market Street
Sunflower Market
Tom Thumb
Whole Foods

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Lime Izze 4-pack, Grapes and Good Belly at Whole Foods Dallas

Last week, when I found the Try-Me-Free rebates on the Giovanni lotion at Whole Foods, I also noticed that Good Belly Plus 4-packs were on sale for 2/$6.00.

My daughter is undergoing some medical tests at the moment and we were told one of the tests showed a high level of ‘bad bacteria’ in her GI tract. The doctor said to get more probiotics in her diet, so I decided to buy two 4-packs for her to try it. She loves it!

I had a B1G1 Free coupon for Good Belly products from a 2009 issue of Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine, so I headed back to Whole Foods to get two quarts this time (which are not on sale – reg $3.99 each).

If you drink Good Belly or want to try it, you can print a $1.50/1 coupon at and get a four pack of Good Belly Plus for $1.50.

I wandered the aisles and spotted these deals:

- Seedless green and red grapes are $1.99/lb. (advertised)

- Lime Izze 4-pack bottles – $2.99 (use a $0.75/1 printable coupon to get the 4-pack for $2.24! Whole Foods sells the individual bottles for $1.99 each).

I like Izze beverages because they contain fruit juice and no caffeine or refined sugars. The lime flavor contains 70% fruit juice plus sparkling water and natural flavors.

You can also create a “sparkle” on the Izze site and if 20 people accept it, you can get a limited edition t-shirt for free. I noticed on the Izze Website that the lime flavor is new. I am not sure if it is on sale at all Whole Foods or just the one at Preston/Forest in Dallas. I did not see it in this week’s ad.

- One of the packs of Mighty Leaf tea was on sale, but I can’t recall which one or how much. I think it was around $2.50 off the regular price.

Try Me Free: Giovanni lotion or body wash

I stopped by Whole Foods (Dallas) tonight and noticed “Try Me Free” pink hang tags on Giovanni Organic body lotion. The tags were only on the Cucumber Song variety, but they state they’re good on any Giovanni 10.5 oz body wash or 8.5 oz body lotion.

My hands are very dry – to the point of bleeding! So I used the lotion as soon as I got home and I really like it.

An assortment of deals

There are lots of great deals or potential great deals out there. Instead of writing a separate post for each, I’m compiling them into one big post. Here we go…

Food Coupon Deals

Print this $1.00/1 coupon twice to get two free single serving sized cups of Honey Nut Cheerios at CVS this week. I had to use Internet Explorer to print mine.

Thank you Surviving the Stores!

Print the $1.00/2 Breyers product coupon twice at to possibly get four free yogurts if they’re on sale in your area for $0.50 each.

Thank you to Coupon Geek.

If your Whole Foods Market has the Santa Cruz Lemonade on sale this week for $0.99 for a 32 oz. bottle, print this $0.75/1 coupon to get them for $0.24 each. I don’t see it on sale in the Dallas ad and states they’re on sale at 2 for $3.00, but I plan to check my store just to be sure.

Thank you to Money Saving Mom

Become a fan of Bumble Bee Tuna on Facebook and get a $1.00/2 coupon (print it twice). Once you become a fan, look for the “Coupon” tab along the top near Info, Wall, Photos, etc.

Thanks Common Sense with Money!

Buy any one package of Annie’s Homegrown products and get a free 2010 calendar with $11.00 worth of coupons from Annie’s, KIWI, Stoneyfield Farm and Hero Nutritionals. This promotion does not start until August, but you can sign up now to receive an email reminder when the promotion begins.

Thanks Hip 2 Save!

*** If you go to to print any of the coupons listed above and can’t find them, it may be because they’ve reached the cap. There’s a lot of buzz about the printables right now, so they’ll likely go quickly.

Store, Entertainment & Restaurant Deals

If you live near a KMart, print this $5.00 off $50.00 coupon at twice to save the next time you shop there.

If you have a Visa card, you can purchase one movie ticket at and get the second for free! There is a limit of one B1G1 free purchase per month. It’s supposed to be valid on the Visa Signature card only, but I’ve read reports that it also works on other Visa cards.

Thanks to My Good Cents.

The LEGO Store Monthly Mini Model Build is a free event for children between the ages of 6 and 14. Each month, visit the LEGO Store to learn how to build a LEGO mini model, and then take it home for free! Supplies are limited and the mini models are not available for sale. I decided to look for stores in Dallas and noticed there’s a LEGO store opening at NorthPark Center this weekend (July 17-19)! Check out the details. Most of the freebies are only if you spend money first.

Thanks to My Dallas Mommy.

Printable $5.00 off $20.00 coupon for Staples. If you didn’t get the one in your newspaper, you can print and use this one! See my Staples shopping trip for an “after rebate” moneymaker.

Got a Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant near you? Become one of their fans on Facebook and get a free 15 layer lasagne on Wednesday, July 29 from 11AM – 3PM.

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

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